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About us – Who’s Woodillon?

Woodillon is an innovative and distinctive brand that wanted to reinvent the classic fashion accessories through a research of alternative materials that can combine elegance and style.

Created by two designers from the Marche region, the brand invents unique accessories offering a craftsmanship for a product 100% made in Italy.

Besides, all items branded Woodillon are made through a choice of solid woods selected according to the hardness and quality of the wood itself. From walnut to cherry, from ash to oak, the constant search for materials leads to the creation of new items, processed with treatments in full respect of the environment.

Natural versions of the products are proposed, able to enhance the aesthetic qualities of the wood, and laser cut versions with different patterns in combination with a wide range of fine leathers, which give the Woodillon accessories the style suitable for every occasion.

In addition, with their natural imperfections, the aesthetic qualities of wood make each item unique, for a product made entirely in a handicraft way.

Informazioni Generali

Woodillon di Sanguigni Lorenzo
via fonte carrà snc, 63844, Grottazzolina (FM)
P.iva IT02207190444 – info@woodillon.it