Wooden Cover – Glass of Wine – by Woodillon


Cover made of tpu, with the inlay technique in colored wood.

The design represents a glass of red wine.

The inlaid combinations in coloured wood create patterns that protect and make your smartphone more beautiful, making it unique.

Shipping by express courier in 24/48h.

The cover is shipped in a cardboard box marked Woodillon.



Wine – Wood Cover by Woodillon.

Cover available for all models shown:

iPhone 11| iPhone 11 Pro | iPhone 11 Pro Max| iPhone 5/5s/SE | iPhone 6/7/8 | iPhone 6/7/8 plus | iPhone X/Xs | iPhone Xr | iPhone Xs Max | Samsung S8 | Samsung S9 | Samusung S8 plus | Samsung S9 plus | Samsung Note 8 | Samsung Note 9 | Huawei Mate20 | Huawei Mate20pro | Huawei Mate20x | Huawei P10 | Huawei P10 plus | Huawei P20 | Huawei P20pro | Huawei P20lite | Samusung S10 | Samusung S10 lite | Samusung S10 plus | Huawei P30 | Huawei P30pro

The cover is delivered in a cardboard box branded Woodillon.

Enrich your cover by adding a gift box with a Woodillon greeting card! It’s free!

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iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 5/5s/SE, iPhone 6/7/8, iPhone 6/7/8 plus, iPhone X/Xs, iPhone Xr, iPhone Xs Max, Samsung S8, Samsung S9, Samusung S8 plus, Samsung S9 plus, Samsung Note 8, Samsung Note 9, Huawei Mate20, Huawei Mate20pro, Huawei Mate20x, Huawei P10, Huawei P10 plus, Huawei P20, Huawei P20pro, Huawei P20lite,  Samusung S10 ,  Samusung S10 lite ,  Samusung S10 plus,  Huawei P30, Huawei P30pro


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